I'm a Software developper based in Europe. I previously create a Game Design and Programming degree in ISART digital.
Here are the experiment I do on my spare time. You can contact me on twitter or mail me : doulcet AT gmail.

[HTML5] [GAMEENGINE] Bob [HTML5] [GAME] Paper Shoot [HTML5] [GAME] Fluo Invader [HTML5] [INVITATION] HTML5 Game Jam 2012 [HTML5] [EXPERIMENT] Trees [HTML5] [EXPERIMENT] Illusion [WebApp] Startup Name Generator [HTML5] [GAME] Yet Another Space Shooter [HTML5] [GAME] [Youtube Masthead] Cavernman [HTML5] [GAME] Drunk Snake [HTML5] [GAME] [MULTIPLAYER] Darwin [WIP] [HTML5] [GAME] An old school RPG [HTML5] [EXPERIMENT] HTML5 Metaballs. [HTML5] [GAME] An HTML5 Tower Defence [HTML5] [GAME] Escape It [HTML5] [GAME] [GAME JAM] 1D 2D shooter [HTML5] [EXPERIMENT] Robot Factory [HTML5] [GAME] Runner [HTML5] [GAME] [GAME JAM] .Atome